Salesforce Commerce Cloud gives you a faster time-to-market. The popular platform strengthens your business and plants the potential for global growth.

Salesforce Partner - Alpha Solutions

The Commerce Cloud platform helps manufacturers, distributors and retailers with the speed, agility and innovation it takes to compete in the new retail reality - both online and offline.

Commerce Cloud's base is a scalable infrastructure that is both accessible and secure. It removes the complexities that can usually be a challenge for similar types of software. Commerce Cloud enables you to focus on the strategic initiatives that drives your growth.

Commerce Cloud boosts your business with the following:


Commerce Cloud offers an integrated toolkit as well as processes to drive an omnichannel strategy, creating a consistent cross-channel brand experience.


Develop creative and effective marketing campaigns so you can attract new customers and build a stronger relationship with existing ones. In addition, you can attract new customers by improving search engine visibility and creating greater conversion and satisfaction by personalizing experiences.


Salesforce Commerce Cloud simplifies end-to-end operations that integrate order management, customer service, and eMarketing services.


Ability to run multiple brands and create unique sub-brand sites using shared infrastructure, integrations and processes.


Salesforce Commerce Cloud can be scaled as needed. A single template allows multiple geographies as well as the administration of local languages on the same platform.

We are proud to be the most experienced Salesforce partner in Denmark. We know the platform better than most, and we have the right knowledge and the right people to grow your business on a Commerce Cloud platform.


  • Improved traffic volume, conversion rates and average order value (AOV)
  • Always on the newest version!
  • Global presence and local e-commerce know-how
  • Strong synergies to the rest of the Salesforce platforms
  • Retail practice team is ready to help with KPI’s
  • 100% native SaaS / Cloud solution with built-in CDN
  • Open API architecture
  • Historic uptime at 99,99%
  • Very scalable – also in peak seasons
  • Big technical partner network
  • Built-in AI with product recommendations and sortings