At Alpha Solutions, we craft technology-based solutions for people. That means we ask the questions that help us understand your goals, your challenges, and your opportunities -- then we work with you to create a system that’s right for your needs. We like to think of ourselves as guides on your digital journey. You have a destination in mind. We help you draw your strategic roadmap and build the road that will get you there...and beyond.


Alpha Solutions was founded in 2004 by a group of partners who met at Denmark’s Computer Science Institute. Our corporate headquarters, based in Copenhagen, has since branched out to offices in Oslo in Europe and New Jersey, Dallas, and Los Angeles in the U.S. and employs more than 120 of the finest,  most highly dedicated consultants you’ll ever meet.

We’re influencers of the technologies we implement and work hard to contribute to their evolution. We proudly maintain implementation partner status with some of the world’s most well-known and powerful enterprise marketing technology platforms, including Sitecore, Episerver, and inRiver, as well as a supplier partnership with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. 

We serve small, medium, and large businesses, and have guided the strategic planning for and implementation of more than 75 enterprise solutions worldwide. Our client relationships are important to us, so we work hard to cultivate them -- and that's why our clients hire us again and again.


We get serious work done, but our culture is characterized not only by mutual respect and collaboration, but also by camaraderie and humor. We challenge each other to push our edges and encourage each other to grow. We’re proud of our professionalism, but we also know that the quality of our lives affects the quality of our creativity, so while we commit ourselves right down to the smallest line of code, we also...y’know...laugh.


Technology is our core expertise, but our values are our strength. Our values power our results and shape our relationships with our clients, as well as one another. They define how we work -- and the experience you’ll have when you work with us.

Push your edge to develop your expertise.

Guide and collaborate.

Ask the question. Curiosity drives success.

What we do matters, so do it well.


Whether or not we have open positions, we're always interested in learning about talented, highly-skilled strategists, technologists, and designers with a desire to create value for our clients and their customers.

Think you have the potential to become a future team member? We'd love to see your resume.