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A larger focus on digitalizing the business has turned out to be fruitful for Masai who has developed from being a true B2B company to become an omnichannel fashion platform. With a data-driven customer insight and marketing setup, Masai has increased revenue, both online and in their physical stores.

Traditionally, Masai has been one of the most successful fashion companies in the Danish market when it comes to retail sales. But with the development within e-commerce, the design company saw an immense potential in offering a direct sales channel. The physical stores needed to be connected with the webshop to give customers one coherent buying experience across channels.


Together with Alpha Solutions, an ambitious project was launched. The goal has been to create a stable, scalable omnichannel platform where Masai furthermore should have the possibility to offer the highest level of customer service and make targeted campaigns. Based on the market leading functions in the Salesforce products, a well-functioning commerce solution has been created, giving Masai a foundation for the future.


If you want to offer great customer service, it’s important to be able to identify which type of consumer you are communicating to. At Masai they wish to have a complete understanding of every single customer. As a part of this plan, an integration is made between the CRM system, Salesforce Service Cloud, and Masai’s Business Intelligence system.

The Business Intelligence motor analyses the customers and creates a complete image of every customer profile that is based on numerous parameters such as churn, loyalty and order history. The technology categorizes the customers and classifies them in different segments, making the way for a personal experience.

With the ambition of increasing the personalization on the site, Salesforce Marketing Cloud has also been integrated with Commerce Cloud and Salesforce CRM. Altogether, it gives Masai an intelligent and data-driven marketing setup. The fashion company has the opportunity to hit bullseye with their communication, because they more easily can identify different target groups based on their rich customer data and BI analysis.


This case is a perfect example of that you don’t need to be Amazon in order to have big ambitions regarding your customer understanding.
The technology today is available in a way so you seamlessly can integrate – and afford - it, as soon as it makes sense you. With the ever-growing e-commerce market, the demands for customer insights in all touchpoints are constantly rising. This is why many should consider following the footsteps of e.g. Masai.


As Masai is experiencing a lot of advantages with their new digital setup, so are their customers with the better omnichannel solution. If you cannot find a desired product in a specific store, you can order and pay for the product immediately in-store, via the webshop, and have it sent to your address. In this way, webshop and store merge into one.

Masai are truly having success with this link-up between webshop and store, which has boosted the revenue from the physical stores.

This is a clear indication that you shouldn’t be afraid of investing in increased digitization. With a great focus on omnichannel, as it is exemplified by Masai, you don’t necessarily remove revenue from the stores – quite the opposite, actually.

Since launching their webshop Masai has furthermore been able to show a steady and increasing online revenue.


In March 2022 a new design has been made for Masai's website. Around 30 new components has been developed, enhancing the possibilities to inspire with content across the site. 

Content is now build and created in Salesforce's Page Designer, giving a more seamless editing process where creation and maintenance is streamlined in one single system.  

Masai Logo - Alpha Solutions
Masai frontpage - Alpha Solutions


Masai Clothing Company was established in 1992 and design clothes for fashion conscious women who prefers a relaxed and individual style. They use an interesting variation of different silhouettes in a mixture of fine materials of high quality and beautiful patterns to create the unique look they are known for.

Today, the clothes are sold in more than 1,300 independent retailers and stores in 25 countries. Additionally, Masai has 13 concept stores in Denmark.


Masai webshop - Alpha Solutions
Masai webshop - Alpha Solutions

Klaus Petersen


Global CTO