Get the best engine for your newsletters and utilize customer data for personalization and better marketing. With Marketing Cloud, you can build customer journeys. And you get the most advanced AI on the market that is easy to use.

Salesforce - Alpha Solutions

At Alpha Solutions we have a lot of experience with marketing automation. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud you’ll be enriched with unique insights and knowledge about your customers' behavior. You get a complete overview of each customer by connecting known and unknown profiles. Marketing Cloud enables you to tailor your marketing initiatives to each customer, so they gain a personalized buying experience through your various communication channels, e.g. email, website, mobile, social media or online ads.

Furthermore, Salesforce Marketing Cloud has the most advanced AI on the market. You can use data and Einstein AI to make all interactions relevant. And you can create here-and-now engagement in all channels - both ways. Just as you have the opportunity to measure, report and optimize your marketing performance, the influence of the initiatives and the customer loyalty to your brand.

The Marketing Cloud is the only one of its kind and stands out in the market by being the only integrated customer engagement platform. It is built on the leading CRM platform in the world and is highly recommended due to its intelligent personalization capability.

We would like to share our experience and knowledge of Marketing Cloud with you.
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  • Most advanced AI in the market
  • Easy user interface
  • Build customer journeys easy and effortless
  • Great tool compared to competitors
  • Personalized newsletters
  • Predict engagement and the probability of the user opening the e-mail
  • Keep track of subscribers
  • Monitors webshop - identified shoppers, abandoned carts, most viewed products, mobile vs desktop etc.
  • Full access to social media