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Do you want to be relevant to your customers? You sure will be with marketing automation. We ensure that your messages work and are timed to success, so your data comes into play in the right channels.

Marketing and communication are all about relevance. Relevance in the messages, in the timing of the messages and, of course, that you are communicating to the right audience.

Automation is about efficiency. In other words, to communicate with as many as possible, as relevant as possible, and with as few resources as possible.

Specifically, marketing automation can be about sending e-mails automatically to all your best customers with a promotion of the five products in the product portfolio with the highest profit ratio. But the customers should only receive the mail, if they haven’t bought anything in the last month and the mail must be sent at a time, where it optimizes the probability for the receiver to open it.


If you want this to happen automatically and correct, you firstly need information about who the profitable customers are and their order history, so they can be linked together with the profitable products. Secondly you should have a statistically calculated probability for the mail to be opened, and information about if your data is collected and accessible for the marketing automation system. This system should also be able to be configured in order to execute the campaign automatically.


  • Digital strategy 
  • Data models and process optimization
  • Mapping of customer journeys
  • Implementing customer journeys and system implementation
  • AI implementation and reporting
  • BI, education and support

When the campaign is executed, the system gives one the option to analyze its effect. E.g. the effect that a purchase automatically registers in all relevant systems.

To support this kind of business approach, there is a list of demands to the systems (and the connectivity between them), data, marketing resources, IT competencies e.g., which all need to be met.

Marketing automation can be a profitable task – but also a complex one.

Alpha Solutions will help you. Our marketing consultants and developers can help your data come into play in the right channels.