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Copenhagen Airport is one of Europe’s biggest and most important ones in the North European aviation industry. Their digital solution offers online parking reservations, Click & Collect, flight information and also information about the everchanging travel restrictions.

CPH.dk gives people valuable information about everything from flight status, dining, shopping, and parking options. Det digital landscape needs to support many parts of the business and be a helping hand for different stakeholders, both intern and extern.


The majority of CPH’s revenue does, not surprisingly, come from parking services. An online feature that – obviously – must function. Alpha Solutions achieved that goal by moving CPH’s parking service to a microservice platform. React in frontend and an Optimizely platform for content are now carrying the parking solution.

Copenhagen Airport do also offer self-service for booking reservations, where travelers to and from the airport get more advantages by booking parking spots online.

Furthermore, Alpha Solutions has changed the payment provider on the site to the newest technology with Bambora and PSD2, which protect the customers against fraud.


The airport’s website has a lot of content and needs to be able to operate seamlessly in busy periods with much traffic on the site. In order to do that, CPH wanted to merge their services and unite the digital activities to optimize the user experience for passengers and other visitors. The focal point was to make travelling easier for the airport’s customers.

On every departure and arrival page, a Travel Planner is implemented. Giving users a simple overview of the different steps in the travel flow included with all relevant information starting with arrival at the airport to boarding of your flight.

Meanwhile, Covid-19 safety measures has a huge impact for the travelers who needs to be aware of changing travel restrictions and test requirements. With an integrated widget powered with data from IATA (The international air transport association) it is now possible to get an instant view of the applicable rules for your destination.


Alpha Solutions has established a microservice oriented architecture. Microsoft Azure is the hosting platform – a functionality that runs a stable operation. These implementations make it easier to scale to third party technologies and enables an independent deployment. Each specific service can now be updated, configured or re-integrated without it affecting the rest of the site, making CPH well equipped for future turbulence.

With the ambition of making the buying experience even more personal, Alpha Solutions added RichRelevance (now Algonomy) to the solution.

The technology enables more relevant suggestions and views for each user – based on more than ten million visits on the CPH site every year. This gives a far more personal buying experience.


CPH now has a more agile and stable platform with Optimizely. The advanced architecture of the website allows more control of the site’s maintenance and further development thanks to the microservice oriented approach.

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Copenhagen Airport (CPH) is one of Europe’s biggest airports with its 30 million passengers every year.
Besides sending passengers to every corner of the world, CPH also offers an online TAX FREE shopping universe and parking facilities for their travelers.



Optimizely Content Cloud
Microservice Architecture
Microsoft Azure

Thomas Halling


Solution Architect