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Since 2004, we have implemented enterprise search solutions together with our customers. So, we are already experts in implementing, tuning and optimizing your next search solution.This will result in increased conversion rates and optimized user experience.

Whether your website runs a product-oriented product search, convey news, or provides an information database to customers, we are experts in ensuring that you get a great conversion rate for those customers who prefer the search function as a navigation tool.


Together with our customers, we ensure a high level of satisfaction, and that customers can find exactly what they are looking for – combined with maintaining a business mindset, so we prioritize the content that creates value for the site’s visitors and your revenue.

Search optimization as a discipline is a combination of technical knowledge in search engines as well as the ability to involve our clients' total investments in content enhancement. Optimizing a search experience also includes content optimization in PIM, CMS or other data systems, automatic enrichment through classification or content syndication, relationship creation between documents and products, and implementing an intuitive user interface that turns the search experience into a dialog and process between the search engine and the user. It’s also relevant to discuss how to set up KPI’s for the search functions, and how those can be measured and monitored.

We connect and utilize search engines with a range of basic technologies such as Sitecore, Episerver, Salesforce or inRiver. We connect these with relevant search technologies. We optimize the usability of the tools that the different platforms offer "out-of-the-box", and we may suggest integrating other technologies if they can bring any value to your company.

When we work with search functions on platforms, there are several considerations that lead to both the choice of technology, but also in regard to the architecture.


  • Choice of search engine 
  • Search engine implementation
  • UX optimization of search usage
  • Findability – get your search engine tuned
  • Data enrichment for better search
  • Design and implementation of functions as type ahead/auto-completion, facets, highlighting, etc.
  • Tuning of the search engine in relation to synonyms, linguistic understanding, understanding of technical specifications or terms.
  • We work primarily with Solr, but also know technologies like Elastic Search, Azure Search, Coveo, Algonomy and Episerver Find, etc.

These considerations can be parameters such as critical time for information updates, number of searches, number of documents/products where search is possible, change rate in content, etc. Information that our experienced consultants help discover, so we can help build a "right fit" solution for you.

With our many years of experience in optimizing search solutions, we have chosen to implement a wide range of "best practice" elements of search in several modules for some of the largest platforms we work with. Therefore, you can acquire a platform, which is ready to use Search Management for your Sitecore, Episerver or Umbraco solution – or as a product that expands the value of your Apache Solr solution – regardless of how you have integrated Apache Solr into your technology stack.

After an implementation, we work iteratively with evaluation workshops, where we periodically evaluate the search engine’s performance in relation to business criteria such as conversion and bottom-line efficiency. The workshops will discuss concrete initiatives and how these can be implemented using the chosen technologies. We could also define different experiments that should be tested by users.

Let's discuss how we can improve the search in your solution, if you want to ensure your users having the best search experience and optimize the value you receive from them.