"Seek and you shall find..." A phrase that any successful digital IT project should be able to identify itself with. Sitecore Search Solution is an exclusive product from Alpha Solutions that boosts your Sitecore implementation and gives you a sublime search functionality.

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Your website should assist its users. They expect to find their desired result within just a few clicks. The demands for directing customers in the right direction immediately are high, and if not met, the customer has already moved on to the competitor.

Therefore, many companies are well advised to strengthen their online solution by improving search functionality.


The implementation of a dynamic search function reinforces the promotion of products that are closely related to the most frequent searches. Instead of hitting a dead end, users will see alternative search results in accordance with the sales strategy, which engages and contributes to the overall user experience. It helps your visitors find what they're looking for faster and creates greater potential for cross-selling and up-selling.

Think of it as "searchandizing" – an effective marriage between search and marketing.


Sitecore Search Solution is an exclusive technology developed by Alpha Solutions and is the result of several years of pragmatic experience with more than 50 customers in different countries. It is a component-based module developed on Solr, a mature open source platform and the de-facto standard for search on Sitecore.

You can implement the technology on an already existing solution, or you can use it for a new solution that will save you precious time in the long run.


  • Facetted search
  • Dynamic type ahead
  • Promotion of promotional goods etc.
  • Data integration from other sources
  • Statistics about search behavior
  • Advanced search behavior management
  • Advanced search behavior integration for additional data processing

Sitecore Search Solution - Figur af Alpha Solutions

The technology integrates easily with the most widely used backend systems through our Content Integration Framework. The Framework offers more than 80 integration elements from SQL connectors to databases, to web crawlers for websites, and can handle integrations with many content sources.


In the era of social media, it has become a necessity to be present on different channels when operating a digital business. So why not also leverage its content to optimize the search function? 

The built-in Sitecore Search Solution connector framework also allows you to embed content from Facebook, Twitter, and blogs to your website search functionality. It improves cross-platform user experience, while providing a more streamlined brand identity.


Once implemented, the connector framework is so intelligent that your website manager and other editorial forces can maintain content matches without having to spend noticeable time on it. It saves time, money and energy that instead, can be used to satisfy your customers to an even greater extent.

The solution includes components, which provide an out-of-the-box functionality that can be added to your existing Sitecore Experience platform or WSM platform in just a few days.


With the advanced management tools that Sitecore Search Solution offers, editors and shop managers can dynamically relate to the quality of the search – and optimize it against current trends in the searches – to ensure relevance, conversion and satisfied users.

The configuration of searches through Search Studio is intuitive - and the specific application can be adapted so your business needs are most satisfied. At the same time, you get a tool and technology that isn’t an obstacle for an optimal search experience.

This can be amplified through an agreement with Alpha Solutions with "Search Experience Optimization" – a set of workshops and a program in which we continuously help you keep your search relevant and up to date.