Financial overview

For more than a decade, Alpha Solutions has been the supplier of a solution for the reporting and distributing of company announcements and notifications for the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA). The system contributes to one of the most important tasks for the Danish FSA. They monitor the financial markets with a view to intervening in market abuse such as insider dealing or price manipulation.

One of the primary tasks of the Danish Financial Supervisory Board (FSA) is to monitor the stock market in Denmark. They secure that listed companies complies to all statutory requirements by announcing internal knowledge and other relevant information. The supervision is part of the European Union’s “transparency principle”, where companies need to notify and report company announcements and stock exchange announcements.


For more than a decade, Alpha Solutions has been responsible for the so called OASM system that makes it possible to achieve this mandatory transparency.
The solution enables companies to report via a web interface as the solution includes integrations to a string of information companies and lawyers, who publish the announcement on behalf of the companies, which are listed on the Danish stock exchange. The system is also integrated to The European Central Bank, who monitor different parts of the announcements like short selling transactions.


As legalization is renewed and safety measures are sharpened, Alpha Solutions has, as a service provider, played a part of securing that the Danish FSA always delivers a product that complies with the outlined laws and guidelines. Recently, we have added the management of LEI codes to the solution. LEI codes are a global reference system that unambiguously identifies every single legal unit.

The system also needs to have a high degree of safety measures and different kinds of rights control as many different stakeholders needs to access the system. Therefore, the system manages e.g., digital signature and a third-party proxy-function if a power of attorney is needed.


Finally, Alpha Solutions has also strived to make it easy to search for company announcements despite the fact that they are placed in an enormous database.

To make this process more efficient an advanced search engine has been developed. It makes it possible to filter based on facets as announcement type, time period, company, and industry. Moreover, it’s possible to subscribe to new notifications through pre-defined or self-configured RSS channel feeds.

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Financial overview


The Danish FSA is a board under The Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs.

The primary task of the Danish FSA is supervision of financial undertakings – banks, mortgage-credit institutions, pension and insurance companies etc. In addition to supervisory activities, the Danish FSA assists in drawing up financial legislation and issues executive orders for the financial area.


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