Utilize your digital potential and get a CMS system where you control your website on your own terms. With a flexible CMS system like Umbraco, content production and daily operations become more effective.

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Creating and maintaining your website should not be a cause for concern today. With Umbraco you will get a CMS system that is acknowledged for its flexibility and great editing experience.

One of the reasons for the platform’s flexibility is its many integration possibilities where a full API to both frontend and backend allows you to integrate to e-commerce platforms, CRM data and other third-party solutions, which enables the digital experience to be more personalized and tailored to your business.

With Umbraco Cloud you can rest even more easily and focus on the most important things for your company. The system takes makes sure you’re up to date with automatic updates with the latest features and security patches.


Alpha Solutions are ready to fulfil your business’ potential on an Umbraco based platform. We believe that collaboration, dialog, and great business understanding lead to the best results. We have through several years developed multiple standard functionalities and features in Umbraco, which makes the implementation fast and effective.

Maybe you’re looking for a modernization of your digital presence, an improvement to your existing Umbraco solution or to shift to Umbraco from another platform? Nevertheless, Alpha Solutions are capable to lift your business.


You can also have an e-commerce solution based on Umbraco and Ucommerce, where we combine Umbraco’s user-friendly CMS with Ucommerce’s strong e-commerce features.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can make your wishes come true.


  • Fast time-to-market
  • Multi-device previews
  • Strong integration possibilities
  • Big scalability
  • Multi language

Klaus Petersen


Global CTO