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The value of your website no longer comes only from publishing content, but by having a coherent communication strategy where your own websites interact with third-party sites. We are experts in ensuring that digital communication is used to provide insight – and ensure that you always know your customers and users.

How you use your website depends on the type of business you are. However, it is safe to say that your customers, competitors and leads are using your website to check you out. But they also use other digital channels. It could be channels you control yourself, as well as social media platforms.


Hence, it is essential that you have a digital strategy for your platforms – and to use these as a natural part of your communication strategy.

We help integrating these as a natural part of your business to the extent that it makes sense to you. A few examples are automatic publication of new projects for a real estate developer or linking digital marketing initiatives together for a campaign-oriented retailer. Besides ensuring that the publishing platforms support the processes in your business, we are focused on utilizing the digital opportunities directly into your business.


  • Corporate websites
  • Lead generation

Either by digitalizing parts of it – or by exploiting the opportunity to gain insight in the user behavior on your digital channels. This is done by structured data collection and analysis, so you can target your communication and maybe in the business development as well. There is a ton of digital tracks in e.g. search statistics, that tells you how to optimize your product.

We collaborate with a wide range of some of the biggest web platforms. We can help bring your needs for digital communication down to a choice between platforms, which we will help you implement through a dedicated project.

The platform has to provide opportunities – but the opportunities should be tailored to different kind of roles, giving an easy and focused approach to those tools that are being used frequently.

A great digital platform often plays a role in a project about data insight, since a well-structured website is a key factor in better lead scoring. Through user behavior across multiple platforms, we can help identify new or existing customers, or finding out where increased revenue is most likely to be made, by integrating your digital platforms closer to your customer data, e.g. in a CRM system.

This enables an improved focus among sales consultants by converting leads or retaining churning customers. With an insight-driven approach, data will enhance the quality of work routines in several areas where digital channels play a vital role.