With a webshop and 42 stores, NEYE is a market leader within their category for bags, backpacks, suitcases and accessories. However, the trust owned business, which donates its profits to cancer research, was facing several challenges due to an outdated
e-commerce setup.

NEYE wasn’t new in the e-commerce world, but several challenges were limiting further growth online. The digital evolution had stagnated due to the existing platform, and the ERP system lacked essential webshop integrations.

The digital processes were divided and required a lot of manual processing, which caused issues for the organization as well as the end user experience.

One of NEYE’s primary goals was to make the e-commerce team more efficient and provide greater flexibility for e-commerce processes and routines. This meant that the project wasn’t solely about implementing a new webshop, but also about influencing and involving a lot of other divisions such as purchase, customer service, finance, warehouse and the physical stores.

Alpha Solutions took the lead on the overall project management and managed the many processes that eventually would result in the organizational implementation as well as growth across all sales channels.

NEYE also needed a high degree of flexibility in the daily work with products, content and campaigns. Having a small e-commerce team, it was important to find the right match to support work processes as well as customer needs.

After consulting with Alpha Solutions, NEYE decided to build the new platform on Episerver and inRiver, combined with the existing Navision CRM. By inserting inRiver between ERP and webshop, the solution would provide for a great product overview and with Episerver’s flexibility the daily e-commerce tasks were made much easier and efficient.

Using Episerver has allowed NEYE to initiate and launch campaigns quickly, easily create new blog content and match content to product sales as well.

NEYE’s new webshop was launched in November 2017 as a highly scalable omnichannel solution, which not only creates continued online growth but also drives customers and business to the many stores.

NEYE has gotten an automated setup, where the various business units communicate much better on a technical level, which allow them to service the customers better than before.

The joint platform delivered by Alpha Solutions has added value for the old trust, NEYE’s many customers as well as the many research projects supported by the profits from the stores.


NEYE has 42 stores spread across Denmark as well as a webshop. NEYE is a market leader within their category for bags, backpacks, suitcases and accessories and provide several well-known brands.

Very uniquely, NEYE is owned by a trust and has since its inception in 1977 donated all its profit to cancer research.



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