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Discover NEYE, the leading retailer of bags and luggage, offering a personalized, loyalty-driven e-commerce experience by leveraging data from both the webshop and physical stores.

Shopping at NEYE isn't just about bags; it's about making a meaningful contribution. Your purchase supports the NEYE Foundation's crucial cancer research initiatives. Every transaction adds to a noble cause, making revenue vital for this specialized retailer dedicated to giving back.

Desire for Seamless Integrations and E-commerce Growth

NEYE, with years of e-commerce experience, faced growth impediments. Limited digital development on an outdated platform and essential ERP integrations missing for the webshop led to siloed, manual processes—a hindrance to both the organization and the user experience.

Digital Transformation: Efficiency and Freedom in E-commerce

With close collaboration with NEYE, we've brought to life their vision of a highly efficient e-commerce platform, freeing their team, and transforming the entire business process. Our digital makeover extended beyond the webshop, optimizing operations across procurement, customer service, finance, marketing, inventory, and stores.

In a leadership role, we orchestrated processes, leading to organizational implementation and growth across various sales channels. NEYE needed flexibility in daily operations, from managing products to content and campaign control.

In collaboration with NEYE, Optimizely became the driving force for content and commerce, enabling faster campaign launches, user-friendly publishing of blog content, and seamless content-to-product alignment.

New PIM System creates Cost Efficiency

In fall 2023, we successfully integrated Struct PIM, providing NEYE with a superb product overview and simplifying the display of accurate product information for customers.

Completed in under four months, this project stands as a testament to a successful and cost-effective PIM solution. Struct PIM's lightweight licenses bring cost-savings for NEYE in the short term but also in the long run.

One of the reasons for the short timeline was Struct's AI assistant, which can assist you with many tasks, such as the translation of product texts. As a result, NEYE translated over 12,000 product texts in just a few hours. A brilliant example of the benefits of using AI in your daily work.

Automated Omnichannel Strengthens Research Initiatives

NEYE's scalable solution functions as the engine for the webshop while channeling traffic to its many stores. Through an automated setup enabling technical-level communication among different business units, we've enhanced customer service beyond previous capabilities.

Klub NEYE: Driving Loyalty and Personalization

As part of its digital strategy, NEYE integrated Klub NEYE, offering loyalty-building activities and personalized offers.

Membership benefits include newsletters, coupons, and a comprehensive overview of purchases and order history.

Optimizely Campaign is built on the existing Optimizely platform, and together with powerful software from Raptor, it has become the heart of Klub NEYE, providing an omnichannel user experience by consolidating all touchpoints. Valuable customer data is leveraged to create personalized content for both members and first-time visitors.

Expanding to the Swedish Market

With potential in the Swedish market, NEYE has opened its first store in the neighboring

Embraced by Swedes, NEYE now ensures a consistent user experience across channels by having scaled their digital universe recently at

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For over 140 years, NEYE has been the go-to specialty store for quality bags and luggage in Denmark.

As a unique feature, NEYE is foundation-owned, with profit donated to cancer research since its establishment in 1977.

Explore NEYE's extensive collection of renowned brands through its 43 nationwide stores and one in Malmö.

"The project model was quickly established, so all the work was transferred to Alpha Solutions, who swiftly moved the product data and pricing rules. Somehow, it was a low-involvement project on our part — and that's fantastic.

We could start to see how to set up dashboards, how to perform searches, and we became familiar with the system. It was a fairly painless project."

- Jacob Breinholst, Chief Digital Officer, NEYE


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Struct PIM
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