Raptor is a personalization engine based on machine learning that analyses and learns about the user’s behavior and unique browser history. This gives you the opportunity to deliver the most relevant content in the right context, optimizing the unique user experience – and especially your conversion rate.

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Raptor Services is a market-leading Personalization and Customer Data Platform (CDP) provider. Their solutions make it possible for brands to recognize user behavior across channels, offer personal recommendations and activate data in all channels in their CDP.

The cloud-based e-commerce tool maximizes Customer Lifetime Value by connecting customers with relevant products that they are most likely to buy. A dashboard makes it easier to track performance, while giving you action-based insights with multi-KPI-based reports. Raptor’s algorithms can be combined and configured to match all kinds of e-commerce businesses - no matter the size or industry.


With the CDP, brands can create individual profiles down to a 1:1 scale. This provides a complete insight into customers’ interactions and powerful opportunities to personalize every touchpoint of their customer journey.

With Raptor, you can optimize the user experience with both personalized product- and content recommendations, dynamic emails and internal search, paid media, and adjust it to match your specific company.

Get the opportunity to activate and strengthen relevant shopping that are presented to the customer with a complete and cohesive omnichannel solution that enhances engagement, improves conversions and increases the revenue across web, mobile and in-store.


  • Create personalized user experiences across all channels / touchpoints
  • Connect the customer to the most relevant product- and content recommendations
  • Send personal emails with dynamic content
  • Maximize customer lifetime value with a 1-1 personalization
  • Exploit personalization in real time to improve conversions and increase sales
  • Deliberate resources with automated and dynamic recommendations
  • Manage performance with a user-friendly dashboard