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Effective management of product information, images and digital files can ensure valuable visibility and better quality in the communication with your customers. Alpha Solutions helps you integrate PIM and DAM-systems, so you better can manage your product data. 

Are products one of the focal points when you are communicating with your customers? Then PIM (Product Information Management) can be a tool that can give you great value.

Whether it is about describing products in a marketing context or having technical specifications in order, a data-driven tool like PIM can be of great value. Focusing on a PIM process helps you improve your product enrichment, thereby giving your product's positioning a cutting edge.

We integrate PIM systems into your system landscape, and together, we will figure out how to get most value out of the technology.


It’s about defining ownership, "jobs-to-be-done" and value creation for the investments that needs to be made. We guarantee that you will have the opportunity to:

  • Improve your internal and external product searches
  • Improve your organic SEO
  • Improve your product feeds for marketplaces like Amazon, etc.
  • Improve your workflows by involving suppliers and customers
  • Get transparency in the quality of your product data
  • Secure visibility into the necessity of product data in marketing campaigns, etc.

Additionally, it’s also relevant to discuss the use of DAM (Digital Asset Management). Companies with a large amount of digital marketing materials will benefit greatly with a DAM-system, which excels in storage of digital files, that can be found and accessed easily by multiple employees.


  • Defining product correlations
  • Management of product hierarchies and attributes
  • Improving your product search
  • Optimizing your supplier involvement in processes
  • Ensuring integration of product data into relevant IT systems
  • Allowing market-based range-management
  • Improving time-to-market for product information
  • Improving insights into your digital files
  • Improved quality of your employees' use of digital files
  • Improving the ability to use your digital media under licensing rules

While PIM mainly is a system that centers around product data, DAM ensures a more cohesive brand identity, as it deals with other aspects such as stock photos, PowerPoints, blueprints, review and copyright. So, one system doesn’t exclude the other. Maybe you need to implement both or maybe you only need one of them.

Alpha Solutions can help you make the right decision and get your data under control. It will help your products, your brand and your business become more visible.