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New to Sitecore 10 is the ASP.Net Rendering SDK for .NET Core, a major improvement to the developer experience.



In their presentation “How to Develop with the New ASP.NET Core Rendering SDK,” Sitecore’s Technical Lead, Oleg Jytnik, and PM in Developer Experience, Nick Wesselman, walked us through what’s in the new ASP.NET Core SDK and when to use it.

The .NET Core is a cross platform framework that is used to create Web Applications that can be run on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Unlike its predecessor, .NET Framework, it currently cannot create Desktop applications. However, despite that drawback, it is slotted to replace .NET Framework.

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Currently, a lot of Sitecore apps use .NET Framework, but if they want to keep up with the latest and greatest technology, they will have to switch to .NET Core. The best instances to switch to or use .NET Core SDK are in Vanilla Sitecore MVC instances; in projects where you want Headless rendering benefits of JSS, but you don’t have the JavaScript expertise; or if you have an existing .NET Core based site/project.

.NET Core and .NET Framework are similar, but Core is faster and can be used across different platforms. Furthermore, because they’re so similar, there’s almost no learning curve, so developers can start experiencing the benefits right away.

However, when switching there are a few things to note. You will need to:

  • Obtain another license (JSS license) to use .NET Core.
  • Reference a few SDK libraries in your solution/project.
  • Register your SDK in the Startup.cs file.
  • Obtain Docker, which is a container system, in order use .NET Core.

In conclusion, .NET Core is the replacement for .NET Framework; therefore, we should start moving our clients in that direction to ensure they are on the most up-to-date technology available, with the most benefits for their architecture and development efforts.

Powerful features included in the new ASP.NET Core Rendering SDK.


  1. The new .NET Core is faster than .NET Framework
  2. .NET Core is cross platform and is the future of .NET in general, as .NET Framework is phased out. (.NET Framework received its last release in 2019.)
  3. There’s almost no learning curve to get started.
  4. You will need a JSS license to use .NET Core SDK


At Alpha Solutions, we not only like to stay current but also to help our clients stay current with new and emerging technologies. For Sitecore installations, migrating the new ASP.NET Core SDK can reduce future migration issues, security risks, and compatibility issues. And because much of the code is interchangeable, migration should be nearly painless.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you transition to ASP.NET Core.

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