Offerings as well as consumers are shifting to subscription and consumption-based models. Previously this was only try for mainly technical services like Azure, Aws, Cisco, IBM, Dell, Netflix, various music and other streaming services.

For the last years it has been a true shift in consumer behavior – the pandemic just speeded up this trend - a growing preference for personalization as well as convenience, together with free delivery, hassle-free experiences - sounds familiar?

Why this is important to your business ?

Subscriptions just creates an opportunity for your business to do things that’s NOT possible with ordinary orders:

  • Clear forecast of upcoming orders! Just think about what that gives to your planning, distribution etc.
  • More often interaction with our customers – more opportunities for up and cross sell etc. And very importantly – this can give you more insights into churn rates and mitigations to handle that.
  • Loyal customers – ease of sale – it’s around 60-70% chance of selling to an existing customer versus 5-20% of selling to a new prospect
  • Forces you to focus on tech-led growth – so what’s that supposed to mean? The thing is – for it to work – all systems and teams has to buy into a smooth and scalable technology as well as processes – automatic workflows is more important than ever (Please see our Integration Page)
  • It gives you opportunities to experiment with e.g. pricing and packaging – as you’re engaging with your customers on a regular basis

    At Alpha Solutions we work everyday helping clients to optimize their business, processes and supporting technology around subscriptions and smooth integrations. We would love to help your business to!

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