The Problem


Pet Supplies Plus, blue-ribbon champion of pet products and services, had a paw-some idea—to set up a seamless online shopping experience that would mirror each of their 700+ physical locations.


However, they faced a fur-midable task—to find a solution that would get along with their existing offerings, such as grooming and pharmacy services. They also required an online version of their pup-ular customer loyalty program, and were begging for a Subscription/Autoship feature to keep up with industry trends.


The Challenge


Our mission was to carry out these objectives across all locations while ensuring a high level of personalization, incorporating in-store promotions and coupons, and letting each store manage its own pricing and inventory. 

No problem! 


The Solution


This project started as most Alpha Solutions do, with a high-level architecture strategy. Our team worked with the client to diagram and outline necessary integration points – the bones of every solution. 

We unleashed our proficiency in digital solutions and proposed a platform powered by Sitecore, a big dog in composable architecture for e-commerce. 


This solution was designed to provide a next-level customer experience while ensuring a high degree of backend efficiency. We teamed up with the Pet Supplies Plus in-house IT staff so they could make any future changes on their own (because yes, you can teach old dogs new tricks, and the other way around as well).

Our process of implementation was iterative, involving testing at various steps from the initial design to the final launch. Each step was executed with precision, ensuring a smooth transition to the new platform.

Despite some ruff challenges such as integrating the client’s multitude of promotions and coupons from Microsoft Dynamics 365, our deep technical knowledge earned us plenty of praise.


The Result


Pet Supplies Plus has a new e-commerce platform that makes them a leader of the pack in online sales, providing a consistent, fully-integrated customer experience across various stores. 

Their sales have increased across all locations, which is nothing to bark at.

Ultimately, our solution:

  • Enhanced operational efficiency.

  • Created a centralized e-commerce platform for physical retail locations, ensuring brand consistency.

  • Provided a paw-sitive, streamlined shopping experience for both online and in-store customers.




Our innovative approach to e-commerce technology consulting and the Pet Supplies Plus brand’s commitment to a seamless customer experience led to a platform that has the competition chasing its tail, and earned us our wagging rights as the purr-fect partner for enterprise digital transformation.


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Pet Supplies Plus - Alpha Solutions


Pet Supplies Plus, founded in 1988 in Redford, Michigan in the United States, is a privately held pet supply retailing corporation with a major presence in the US. As of 2005, it was the third largest specialty pet food retailer in the US, and now has more than 700 physical stores that provides a customer-centric shopping experience with a neighborhood feel

“Alpha Solutions wants us to be successful as much as I want us to be successful. They’re very invested in helping us achieve our goals. They know when to pull us back and talk about larger strategic issues. I see Alpha as a partner, not just another contractor.” 


Sara Ranson

VP Marketing, Pet Supplies Plus