Accessibility: Are you doing the right thing?


If you want to increase revenue and serve EVERYONE visiting your website (not just 80% of your users), it needs to be accessible regardless of industry.  

In most instances, web accessibility is a legal responsibility for enterprises and small businesses. 

There were 2,314 website accessibility lawsuits filed in 2018. Imagine what that number is here in 2024. (We would tell you, but the data hasn’t been recorded yet.)

How can you protect your business while giving website visitors the best online experience? 


Follow these four steps:


Run your website through the Wave tool, a free resource that will evaluate where you’re at with accessibility.


Go here:


Check out the results. You’ll probably get a list of errors and alerts showing where you can improve accessibility on your website.

STEP 3: 

Fill out the form on this page, and we’ll send you our website accessibility checklist. 


Book a free consultation with one of our accessibility experts. We’ll review your results together and make a plan to get your site compliant.

Accesibility checklist

⬇️ Download our accessibility checklist and get human feedback from our team regarding your Wave results. We’ll tell you what to do from there.

You will always come first.

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