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"Know everything about your users so you can base your initiatives on actual data"


Customer Data Platform, Machine Learning and AI


Customer Data Platforms (CDP) is nothing new as such. There's always been an need, an incentive, to get knowledge about your users, follow trends, and user that information for segmentation, personalization, reporting etc. But this has become very present due to a higher focus on users privacy (EU's GDPS, California's CCPA etc.):

  • App Tracking Transparency (ATT) in Apple’s iOS 14.5 - Now Apple user can choose to opt out of being tracked.
  • Google is planning to get rid of Third Part Cookies


As an advertiser or website owner, you'll have to take a new approach - you have to rely on the data you have gathered yourselves. Again - this is nothing new - if you're in luck - you might have all the data you need? You just need a platform that can turn that data into action - reporting, personalization, actions or events. Some examples:

  • Send or show information to a specific user when a sold out products is back in stock
  • Show personalized information to users on login based on information in all of your systems (not just the website)
  • Segment users for text messages based on orders placed and external loyalty system
  • ….more relevant examples…

As you can see, this is what you always have been wanted to do, or maybe do it already? The good thing is that now it's become easy! We can show you how.


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Machine Learning and AI

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence have been incorporated in a lot of areas, and absolutely also various in - or as part of web technologies. There's absolutely a lot of obvious applications of ML and AI in these areas - some examples:

  • Search Results personalization and ranking
  • Recommendations
  • Customer and user retention identification

At Alpha Solutions we use ML and AI through various applications - when it makes sense. As with any technology, it's about solving a business challenge for our clients and use technology the right way to reach the goal. 

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