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Meet your customers on their own terms across every channel and make use of their feedback to optimize every part of your business. The potential in your customer service is huge, and we can ensure that you succeed.

There is an enormous potential in the knowledge and data from the service department. Your customer service can strengthen your business. Therefore, it’s worth investing in this part of the company, as it creates growth.

Customer service is in many cases viewed upon as an expense – a necessary evil. And you can probably argue that this perception still exists in many companies today.

Many businesses have an objective for their organization to become driven by data. Though, for many it’s a challenging process to find concrete initiatives that support the journey towards this goal.


Data can be used for specific customer and employer-related initiatives and can furthermore be combined with other data from your business e.g. CRM, CMS, SoMe etc. The goal should obviously be to have a profitable business, which certainly is achievable.


  • Making customer service easy, natural and contextual
  • Better earning per customer
  • Reduced churn
  • Digitalization
  • From gut feeling to data driven customer service
  • From black box to organizational support
  • Streamlined service across channels 
  • Making your employees difference-makers

The first step on the way to a better utilization of your customer service, is by systematically collect, and thereafter analyze, a large amount of the feedback your customers are giving you.

To make customer service an asset for your business and for the utilization to become optimal, the right technological conditions need to be in order.

The key to success lies within the ability to measure the effect of the great customer service and utilize it to create better requisites in sales, marketing and branding.

And this is why you need Alpha Solutions. We have the experience and the necessary knowledge it takes – both technologically and business wise – so your company can use the customer service in the most optimal way as possible.

We would like to tell you a lot more, because we see the potential.