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Have you thought about the need of CRM in your business? We help assess how you super optimize your CRM, so you get the most from your resources and produce increased value. We are experts in CRM, and we can assist you - if you want to refine an existing system or wish to get a new one.

Do we really need CRM? Is our CRM up to speed? Do we really need to use time and money on a new one? As a CRM Manager, you have probably asked yourself those questions before. And with very good reason. Because it pays off to have a critical approach to your CRM solution in order to create the best output.

At Alpha Solutions, we also dare to ask the relevant and difficult questions. We do so to create an insight to your real needs that will strengthen your business. We therefore believe that you should consider the following questions regarding your CRM, as they may help you consider if you are utilizing its full potential.


  1. Do your employees communicate consistently and effectively with potential customers?
  2. Do you collect customer data through destination sites on your website? 
  3. Do you have the ability to generate reports about the state of the company? 
  4. Have you avoided duplicate typing entirely in the last couple of months?
  5. Do you know which members of the sales team who are exceeding expectations?
  6. Do you know which customer subjects to follow up on, and by who? 
  7. Do you report important sales numbers in a streamlined and effective way?
  8. Is your customer information accessible even when you travel and are out of office? 
  9. Is your customer’s contact information saved in a place where it is easy to access for every employee? 
  10. If an employee left the company tomorrow, would you have information about their customer records without losing important data? 
  11. How many sales did you miss in last quarter, and why? 
  12. Do you know the number of customer service problems every customer has had, and the actions the company have made to solve those? 
  13. Do you use e-mail marketing strategies that effortlessly pulls important customer data? 
  14. Do you know which of your marketing campaigns was the most effective?
  15. Can you quickly track sales representation activities for specific clients and / or customer subjects?


  • Achieving sales numbers and increased revenue
  • CRM strategy and sales models
  • Keeping track on data
  • Visibility, reporting and better prognostics
  • Mobile solutions
  • Scalable solutions

If you find it challenging to come up with a positive answer to most of the questions, it indicates that you should consider your current CRM situation.

Alpha Solutions’ CRM consultants helps you to get back on track with your CRM challenges, so it can support your business strategy and objectives. We help you with structured and competent knowledge.

Our services include sales strategy, sales models, modelling of sales data and analytics, process optimization, effectivization, visualization etc.

We build solutions on Salesforce Sales Cloud and we look forward advising you how to use Sales Cloud with your marketing and commerce systems.