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"Behind any successful and high performant website there's some stable, solid integration work"


That's how it is. With every new technology and system, there's always the story about how easy it is to integrate to this and that, and there as "connector for" and so on. But reality is -  surely you know it - there's always some work around it. This is where we can make the difference - just ask our clients.


Business impact

There is different types of integrations and they have a different impact on your business - no doubt. We normally help our clients divide integrations into categories based on their business impact as creating high-performant redundant and stable integrations also has a cost to it.

At Alpha Solutions, we focus on integrations with fallbacks, redundancy and traceability - and that’s where we excel. But as with everything we do - it has to be built around ROI, risk analysis and elements that supports your business. 


Types of integrations

Integrations comes in many flavors - and integrations is what we do - no matter the flavor.

To mention some of the areas we have worked with and where we have build up skills and hard-earned experience:

  • PIM & DAM (Inriver, Sitecore ContentHub)
  • Queue based systems and apps: Dell Boomi, Azure Servicebus, Logic Apps
  • Payment Providers (Braintree, Tempus, Ayden,
  • ERP systems (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor etc.)
  • Custom system-to-system integrations
  • Data-Exchange (Homebuilders data, Product Catalog data, Financial data etc.)
  • Frontend / Analytics / Reporting

No matter the integration we focus on the a clear, traceable implementation that makes it easy to the client to utilize.


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