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Manage your digital assets using Sitecore DAM as a stand-alone platform or as one of Content Hub’s core integrated features.



Sitecore DAM manages, stores, and searches for digital assets within the system and includes Digital Rights Management (DRM) to control access to and specified uses of copyrighted or licensed material. With powerful features like flexible search options, ML-driven content tagging, on-the-fly media conversion, and intelligent dashboards, reporting, and analytics, Sitecore DAM pushes the envelope for next-generation digital asset management software.


Sitecore DAM centrally stores and organizes assets used across the system, as well as those aggregated from outside sources, such as PIM, DMS, and ERP platforms. As long as it’s in a digital format, DAM will manage and make it easy to categorize and find so you can pull it into your publishing tools for release into the world. It can stand alone, integrating with your platforms or function as one of three core, integrated features of the Sitecore Content Hub platform. Some of our favorite DAM features include the following.

Sitecore DAM handles photos, layouts, artwork, video, 3D renderings, source files (think: product information), and overlays - all in one, centralized place. And these features make digital asset management simple, streamlined, and efficient:

  • Drag-and-drop file uploads
  • Batch options for uploading, downloading, editing, and deleting content assets
  • Centralized storage to reduce lost files, duplication, and other costly issues

Digital asset management isn’t just a library; it offers powerful assistance with editing, converting, and approving content files for publication. Sitecore DAM also supports collaboration, offering secure, shareable download links for working with external users like agencies and contract resources. These resources will help boost your productivity:

  • On-the-fly media conversions
  • Smart cropping and resizing
  • Secure, public link access, with real-time, on-demand cropping, resizing, and image transformation capabilities
  • Versioning and draft options for in-progress creations and finished assets
  • Workflows with annotations to streamline asset review and approval

Your files are useless if you can’t find them. Sitecore DAM makes finding last year’s spring product line photos a breeze - and serves up approved versions for channel distribution, color choices, and much more using metadata to allow you to create and share collections or find individual assets. Sitecore DAM offers:

  • Filters, faceted search, thumbnail, and full-text search
  • Custom queries narrow your search
  • Automated content tagging with machine learning (ML) tools
  • Search result previews, including zip file content

Combining DAM and DRM makes sense: The same metadata and tagging tools used to categorize items for search can also be used for managing and checking usage rights. Sitecore DAM with DRM supports security and mitigates compliance risks, with these features:

  • Access controls for copyrighted and licensed content
  • Tag and classify even the most complex content (e.g. moving images)
  • Advanced query builder for custom queries
  • Email templates for DRM requests
  • Support for global distribution

Because the DAM is integrated with other marketing technologies, visibility is sometimes challenging. For one thing, file names don’t tell you much, and sometimes even thumbnails don’t quite give you the information you need about the file you’re looking for. Additionally, usage data and other analytics usually require logging into multiple systems. But Sitecore DAM offers these tools for greater visibility into what you have and how it’s being used:

  • Intelligent dashboards for search, reporting, and analytics, making insights available to you…
  • In-browser image, layout, and video previews
  • Visualized metadata and related content recommendations

Of course, the best DAMs connect various systems, centralizing storage and providing seamless access to assets for enriching and distribution. Sitecore DAM is no exception, integrating with your current martech stack, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, for seamless asset use across channels and campaigns.

As either a stand-alone platform or working alongside Sitecore’s Content Marketing Platform (CMP) and Product Content Management (PCM) engine as a key component of Sitecore Content Hub, this DAM packs a powerful punch for productivity and compliance, all in one neat package.

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