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Creating a content governance board will help you get better control over your content and save you a lot of trouble in the long term. Here are a few good and easy tips to get it done. 



As marketing content becomes more complex – touching various systems, translated into multiple languages, published across all kinds of channels – managing and maintaining it does, too. Although technologies, such as content hubs, do much to organize, store, and help direct the flow of your content, the human part of content creation and management still needs to be handled. Enter content governance, or the shared policies and procedures for how, when, why, and by whom content is created and published. In another post, I briefly discuss what content governance is and why it’s important.

Content governance represents organizational change, which is one of the reasons many companies resist creating policies and procedures to guide their content creation, approval, and publication workflows. “We’ll just handle it internally” no longer works for departments and business units as content production becomes less siloed and more reliant on shared resources. That’s why you need a Content Governance Board.

The most effective Content Governance Boards comprise members across brands, business units, and levels of responsibility. Few articles address the details, so I thought I’d offer you these five quick tips for recruiting and running your own Content Governance Board, based on Alpha Solutions’ experience across industries and from B2C to B2B clients: