Content Hub Product Configuration Management with a 3D model machine parts
Monitor with configurators

Leverage the power of Sitecore Content Hub for managing millions of sellable configurations - driving a product configurator out of Content Hub.

Product Configurator for the CH71 chair

Sell and manage you configurable products easier

Our product configurator in Sitecore Content Hub is a PCM-based solution that enables highly configurable products to be managed and delivered in a high-end visual, interactive way with consumers. 

By utilizing the strong DAM functionalities within Sitecore Content Hub this product perfectly fits companies where visualization and imagery are essential for the product presentation. Both online and for in-store displays.

The solution gives consumers the ability to build and buy products online, and sets up self-service functionalities for both customers, product managers, sales, and service departments as well as resellers and channel partners

Furthermore, product managers will have the freedom and flexibility to manage and create configurations themselves along the way.

Elevating the Customer Journey with Product Configurators

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital commerce, an online product configurator is indispensable for businesses dealing with products composed of multiple components that can be assembled in various configurations. 

Think of furniture, industrial machines, bikes, fashion apparel, home appliances, and more.

The online product configurator becomes the linchpin of the customer experience. It allows a showcasing of the entire product range, offering customers the ability to personalize and configure products according to their unique preferences. 

Moreover, the configurator plays a pivotal role in fostering better customer relationships and dealer partnerships. 

Our module for Sitecore Content Hub gives an incredible powerful solution as it solves the challenge of managing and structuring digital assets such as product attributes, images, and taxonomies.

Not only will product managers more easily be able to handle new or updated configurations themselves. We can also leverage rich product data by using Machine Learning to generate and maintain all allowed configurable options of a product. 

As a result, using Sitecore Content Hub for a product configurator saves time for both customers and employees and drastically reduces order errors.

3D rendering of an industrial cooling device
Powerful visualization

Give power and control to the end-customer as they can build their own product, enhancing ownership of the buying experience.

An illustration of seven persons holding a star above their shoulders
Customer Loyalty

The ease of use enhances the overall experience, making it worthwhile for customers and dealers to use your offering again and again.

A person puts tape on a box
Eliminate errors

The risk of order errors and subsequent returns is minimized, as customers take an active role in designing and specifying their purchases.

A lightbulb glowing with many knowledge areas
Utilize knowlegde

Empower the product management teams with the power to express valid configurations in an easy-to-use interface.

3 wheels with a clock in the middle
Time to market

Start quickly by utilizing the OOTB-functionality and config implementation. Time to market will be in the hands of product management - not IT.

Configurable data dimensions
Flexibility of data

The data model of the PCM product configurator can hold any number of dimensions in configuration - and has been validated on data configurations that run into the +100 million configurations.

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