Commerce Layer is an API-first commerce engine. It provides production-ready micro frontends and can scale globally.

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Commerce Layer is a developer-focused e-commerce platform that prioritizes headless commerce, flexibility, and scalability:


  • Headless focus: They offer pre-built micro frontends for a quick start and open-source options for customization, allowing flexibility without sacrificing brand identity.
  • Content separation: They focus on transactions, leaving content and catalog management to specialized tools, enabling greater control and scalability.
  • Flexible data model: Their "Market" concept allows for easy expansion into new regions or channels without data duplication.
  • Performance: Their focus on APIs and Jamstack principles ensures fast and scalable websites.
  • Developer-friendly: They offer extensive documentation, open-source tools, and multiple extension points for custom logic and integrations.
  • Cost-efficiency: They have a scalable pricing model based on usage, avoiding revenue share or upfront costs.


Commerce Layer is a strong option for businesses seeking a flexible, scalable, and developer-friendly e-commerce platform.



Alpha Solutions take on Commerce Layer

Commerce Layer is very developer friendly. It's really easy and fast to get going. Good documentation, guides & How-To's. 

One thing that first strike you is the concept around a product catalog. A product catalog is central in most commerce systems, but you can't really say that with Commerce Layer. 

They have another approach which they say clearly: Commerce Layer is Commerce Only, not anything to do with Content or Content Management - for that you need, yeah, surprise, a Content Management System, a CMS. 

Instead Commerce Layer uses a minimal data model - focus is on simplicity and speed. Instead of Product Catalogs, Categories and Products, Commerce Layer use "SKU" as the key concept. And when it all comes down to it - that is after all - what it's all about: Selling SKUs. You can dive into their data model here



At Alpha Solutions we can help you evaluate, perform evaluations and POC's so you make your investment on a solid foundation. It this market of hundreds of CMS's, DXPs and Commerce Engines - it's hard to navigate. Nobody can look into the future, but it's also about choosing a vendor that you expect to exist in the years to come.


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Commerce Layer focus 100% on commerce and commerce only. It's clean, fast and easy to use.