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Google’s 3rd party cookies are soon to be a thing of the past. So how do you secure your marketing efforts in the best possible manner? If you want to set yourself up for success in the long haul, the solution is to gather 1st party data about clients and users in a system YOU own – so you have total control over your data and insights into them.



In the following we describe how Google is facing out 3rd party cookies and how you can easily get started on building your own data foundation - to the great benefit of your advertising.


Whenever you visit a website, you must consent to the use of different sets of cookies. But what are cookies?

Most cookies are small text files that are placed on your device. The cookie is used to track your behavior on the website. There are different kinds of cookies, and some are essential for the website to work correctly. Other cookies remember your preferences regarding language, currency, username, and password. Those types of cookies serve primarily to improve user experience.

Finally, there are 3rd party cookies. They are placed on your device by a third party. In other words, another company than the website you are visiting. Typically, when you see ads for products while reading the news, they are provided specifically to you by 3rd party cookies.


In many companies’ marketing strategy, 3rd party cookies are of crucial importance. 3rd party cookies track users’ behavior across the internet and makes it possible for Google to build detailed profiles of every single user. They use those profiles to deliver personalized ads based on your interests. In other words, 3rd party cookies are a massive part of Google’s business model. So why remove them?

It’s all about privacy, as you might have guessed. With the increasing focus on people’s online privacy, companies like Google must follow the curve and protect users’ data and privacy more than ever. Therefore, you must reconsider your strategy as a marketeer.


By focusing on 1st party data, you will get a much greater understanding of your customers and users. Instead of companies like Google and Facebook obtaining knowledge about your audience and their preferences, you can gain control and own those insights. Of course, it will require something to get there - but it is worth it spending your time and resources on.

The answer is a Customer Data Platform. Read our guide about the technology and in five minutes you will learn how you can benefit greatly from it.

Why you need to invest in a CDP

Understand the advantages that comes with a Customer Data Platform and get ready for the cookieless future

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