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Sitecore’s introduction of their new Content Hub solution added exciting new features for marketers. Now, it’s poised to be a platform for future innovation as well.



In “Supercharge Your Product Content,” Roger Connolly, Senior Director of Product for Sitecore, walked us through Content Hub’s components, benefits, and future potential.

More than ever, it is important to make sure your content is 100% accurate. Keeping a content repository updated with correct, descriptive information is crucial, especially when your digital content might be the only contact customers have with your product. But what is “content?”

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Although images are usually what people think of when they think of digital asset management, with Content Hub you can manage a variety of content types. It helps marketers and content producers plan, create, curate, and manage not only complete content pieces but also individual elements, such as product details, short/long descriptions, videos, user guides, and more. This means you have a centralized repository for all your digital content, as well as some powerful tools for editing, transforming, approving, and delivering it.

Product content takes a variety of forms, and Sitecore Content Hub helps create, curate, manage, and story an array of them.

Sitecore Content Hub’s wide spectrum of tools includes: Sitecore DAM for images and DRM management; Sitecore Marketing Resource Management (MRM) for campaign planning and collaboration; Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP) for strategy, workflow, and content optimization; Sitecore Product Content Management (PCM) for centralizing and automating ecommerce content management and maintenance; and Sitecore Web-to-Print (W2P) for generating custom, printable sales and marketing sheets without disrupting your brand standards.

Some of the benefits of Content Hub include:

  • Provides a single source of truth – either itself or aggregating from upstream platforms
  • Accelerates product content speed to market with powerful workflow and collaboration tools, as well as curation, media transformation, and CDN distribution through the built-in DAM
  • Makes content syndication, storefront conversions, and on-demand marketing collateral easy
  • Measures content effectiveness

What this means is that your marketing teams have access to collaboratively enhance entire files or content components and make changes where appropriate or when needed. Marketing campaigns can be created and launched in record time using the approval process. Content Hub also has features such as public content URL generation to get your content out to potential customers faster.

Marketers using Content Marketing Platform (CMP) have tools to measure the impact of their content and can optimize it quickly, while Web-to-Print makes it easy to create marketing collateral on the fly.

And all of these features are ready to be used today. The future of Content Hub is even more exciting, with new developments such as Content as a Service (CaaS), Product Variation/Localization, and Sitecore AI Integration, which supports not only auto-tagging content but also automated personalization.


  1. Content Hub makes it faster for marketers to create and publish their content.
  2. Content Hub allows collaboration and provides powerful approval workflows, helping to make your content more accurate.
  3. Content Hub stores and manages much more than image files.
  4. Content Hub can work as a stand-alone application; you don’t have to have CMS installed.


Alpha Solutions Content Hub Specialists can help marketers and stakeholders optimize the platform so it can be more efficient from the start, as well as customized to your needs. Head on out to our Sitecore Content Hub page to request a demo or browse related resources, such as articles, downloads, or our Guide to Content Hub Software.

Rob Reilley (AKA Sitecore Runner) is a multiyear Sitecore MVP working as a Senior Business Consultant at Alpha Solutions. He is based in the suburbs of Chicago. He has several years of Sitecore experience working with a variety of clients. He enjoys all things Sitecore, but especially enjoys moving data in and out of Sitecore from different sources.