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Atlantic Airways has safely embarked on their email marketing journey, enabling the airline to automate critical information to their passengers and collect new leads on their website.

A desire for a flexible and user-friendly platform for email marketing initiated the collaboration between Atlantic Airways and Alpha Solutions.

Atlantic Airways' existing platform was not the right solution for their needs. The airline was looking for a user-friendly platform where they could automate their communication, send out newsletters, and collect new leads on their website. Therefore, they asked Alpha Solutions for help to select a new platform and get started with marketing automation. The marketing platform Klaviyo showed to be the perfect match for Atlantic Airways' needs.


Average open-rate at 46.26%
Average click rate at 23.11%
Unsubscribe rate 0,03 %


Feel safe as a traveler

When you travel with Atlantic Airways, you receive an email one week before departure and another email two days before. Both emails include an overview of passengers, assigned seats, ordered meals, and baggage information. In addition, travelers are offered additional services and the opportunity to easily complete check-in up to two days before departure.

Atlantic Airways wanted to transfer their existing email flows to Klaviyo and give the design and content a facelift in the process. Alpha Solutions has integrated with the booking system and implemented the new design, ensuring an optimal user experience for passengers across the most common email clients.

Atlantic Airways also uses Klaviyo to send newsletters with current offers and news. In the future, it will also handle communication from their customer club, Súlubonus.

Integration between the booking system and Klaviyo

Alpha Solutions has implemented an integration with Microsoft Azure. The first step involves loading booking files, and data is processed and stored in an SQL database. It is then sent to Klaviyo using the API they offer, allowing passengers to be informed about everything relevant to their journey: departure times, baggage, seat selection, and more. 

To ensure that passengers always receive important information, a safety measure has been set up to monitor the successful transfer of data.

The sky is the limit

With their new platform, Atlantic Airways has a solid setup. The intuitive user interface has streamlined workflows, providing Atlantic Airways with better opportunities to develop their marketing efforts.

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Since 1987, Atlantic Airways has served as the national airline of the Faroe Islands. The airline plays a crucial role in promoting tourism to the Faroe Islands, offering routes to most major European cities as well as New York. Additionally, Atlantic Airways also plays a significant role in search and rescue operations, providing a helicopter and crew available 24/7.



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Microsoft Azure

Template of info mail pre-departure with Atlantic Airways

Jakob Huus Andreasen


Director of Sales