AlphaSub Headning - AlphaSub is a Subscription Module for Sitecore OrderCloud
AlphaSub Dashboard

Adding a subscription feature to your e-commerce marketing plan turns random website visitors into repeat customers. Subscriptions are an easy way to grow consumer loyalty and your bottom line. AlphaSub is composable, MACH-ready, and simple to deploy. 
It's preconfigured to work in your Sitecore composable setup.

AlphaSub for Sitecore OrderCloud is a subscription component that follows MACH Standards. It’s Headless, individually scalable, API and Cloud-based. It plugs into your Composable architecture as a 100% separate component and comes pre-configured to use with:

  • Sitecore OrderCloud (ecommerce)
  • Moosend/Sitecore Send (email campaign)
  • Stripe (Payment Provider)


Due to the architecture of AlphaSub this is easy switch out components. Say you use another Messaging/Email Service, e.g. Responsys - this can be handled as well. There's a change you also need to use another payment provider - no problem. As long as it support re-occurring payment, which is need for subscriptions - it's easy to handle. 


AlphaSub is available as an Accelerator or a true SaaS service, hosted and managed for you. Whatever works best for your business. 


Offering a subscription model is not only a huge benefit for your e-commerce business – it’s expected by your customers. The ease of automatic re-ordering and delivery is a growing trend that’s here to stay.

AlphaSub is ready for you to use. There’s no need to waste time, money, and resources building something from scratch. We embrace MACH architecture 100% and the composable philosophy: use existing components, and plug them into your setup if they match your requirements.

AlphaSub Options and flexibility

The flexibility of AlphaSub is outstanding. It will give you a competitive advantage and a must-have feature across your online channels.

AlphaSub was built as a stand-alone subscription service with the fundamental concept of connecting to any commerce engine. With the API release from OrderCloud (API v1.0.276) OrderCloud now supports Subscription. That said, OrderCloud doesn't create orders, handle the payments and communication/emails with the customers. This is normally part of a middleware in a composable setup.


AlphaSub includes that middleware, so you can save time and avoid developing those elements. 

API First
API First

AlphaSub is 100% Open API driven. It can be used by any system, and is development language independent. 


Payment Provider and web hooks provide a highly flexible component that can be totally customized to your business.


With AlphaSub, you’ll have total access to your enterprise’s analytics and reporting through your visual dashboard.

Reporting and Forecasting

With AlphaSub you also get a Dashboard that reports on active subscriptions, across multiple stores, searching for subscribers, viewing individual subscriptions etc. The below video shows a brief overview of the Dashboard features. Forecasting with Subscriptions is a no-brainer and somewhat simple compared to ordinary retail forecasting. AlphaSub includes forecasting, and can also provide the needed data for your advanced forecasting and reporting needs. AlphaSub is API first, so all data is available through APIs. 



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Note: We also added AlphaSub to a live demo we have running, you can read about that here.