Decrease your time-to-market with Sitecore XP and deliver market-leading content across every channel.

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Customers expect the same kind of recognizability every time they interact with a brand. The experience must be the same, regardless of whether the meeting with the brand takes place in the store, on your computer, or via mobile.

Because of this, it is crucial that you can rely on content and marketing to meet today's demands – no matter how automated your campaigns and other initiatives will be.

With Sitecore XP (Sitecore Experience Platform), built on the leading Sitecore CMS, you can easily manage communication and marketing products in one single platform. It is now easier to deliver a unified buying experience across print, web, mobile and social media.


Sitecore XP provides exceptional data-driven insights into all customer behavior with tracking each of visitor’s journey from start to finish.

The platform provides user-friendly data that can be exchanged to and from devices, campaigns and other integrated CRM, POS, and ERP systems.


  • Built on Microsoft.NET
  • Advanced data collection – incl. integration to CRM as Salesforce and Dynamics CRM
  • Strong integration with the Azure platform
  • Multi-channel, multi-site, multi-language – Create a global presence while reaching customers locally
  • Platform for all needs – Scale and integrate the solution according to your own needs

The result is a complete overview of your customers' behavior in your touchpoints, which gives a clear idea of which target group the communication is aiming. This means more freedom and flexibility for marketers and developers who can reach the right audience with much greater ease.


With the ability to deploy Sitecore XP in the Microsoft Azure PaaS environment, stability, speed, and tremendous scaling are a guarantee. PaaS means that global rollout is much easier – while it also focuses on ensuring the customer's experience.

With Sitecore XP, you can build solutions that are tightly integrated and serve as an extension of both the precise IT strategy and the business development that your business desires.


With Alpha Solutions, you get one of the most skilled and renowned Sitecore Solution Partners in the world.

Alpha Solutions has a long customer record and have built some of the most complex Sitecore solutions to date.

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