Your e-commerce solution should be able to deliver strong and cohesive shopping experiences for you customers. With a recommendation tool like RichRelevance the borders between the offline and online world becomes even more invisible and creates better search experiences and recommendations for every visitor.

RichRelevance - Alpha Solutions

Consumers no longer distinguish between offline stores and webshops. This should also be reflected in your e-commerce solution. With the leading recommendation engine, RichRelevance, you secure a relevant and personalized customer experience across sales channels such as mobile, web, email and in-store.

RichRelevance lifts conversions and boosts cross-sell and upsell in all touchpoints with the powerful Xen AI decisioning engine that selects the most contextually relevant personalized product recommendations for each customer interaction. All based on shopping patterns, browser history and past purchases.
Customers will find preferred products more quickly in a dynamic shopping experience where RichRelevance is capable of sorting and showing matching product categories in real-time visits.

It’s also possible to include product recommendations and enhance the click through rate (CTR) through personalized content, based on data-driven tools. With the technology, marketers have the ability to build individual customer profiles that delivers campaigns with maximum precision and minimal effort, which will reduce bounce rates.


As customers are getting used to personalized content when browsing the internet, the same standards are expected in regard to search functions. With RichRelevance Find you can deliver a rich, interactive and personalized searching experience that connects customers with the most relevant search results.

Use fully configured Solr with machine learning and your data, and make sure that every customer gets a unique search based on intentions, preferences and behavior. This improvement makes your search functions effective, which leads to more views, longer session durations and better conversions.


  • Create 1-1 online experiences with an omnichannel focus 
  • Tailor personalized customer journeys
  • Improve CTR
  • Reduce bounce rates
  • Equipped with one of the most user-friendly optimization tools and configurations on the market
  • Use typeahead and autocomplete to predict and deliver personalized search results
  • Measure the effect of product recommendations and campaigns with reports from a multi-KPI-dashboard