Hygraph is a headless CMS that allows developers to build content APIs using GraphQL. This means that developers can create their own custom frontends for their content, instead of being limited to the CMS's built-in frontend.

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In addition to being headless and API-first, Hygraph also offers a number of other features that make it a powerful CMS, including:

  • Content federation: Hygraph allows you to federate content from multiple sources, including other CMSs, databases, and APIs. This makes it easy to create a unified content platform for your organization.
  • Real-time collaboration: Hygraph supports real-time collaboration, so multiple users can work on content simultaneously. This is a great feature for teams that need to collaborate on content creation.
  • Global CDN: Hygraph uses a global CDN to deliver your content to your users with low latency. This is important for ensuring that your content is always available and performant.


Here are some of the benefits of using Hygraph:

  • Flexibility: Hygraph's headless architecture gives developers more flexibility to create custom frontends for their content.
  • Scalability: Hygraph's API-first architecture makes it easy to scale your content management stack to meet the demands of your organization.
  • Performance: Hygraph's global CDN delivers your content with low latency, ensuring that your content is always available and performant.


Hygraph alone offers:

  • API (Federation) and Content Management to solve the mess of data silos and the microservices chaos
  • A unified editorial view of your content across systems.
  • Best permission system in the market to enable workflows with internal and external content managers and distributed teams and to satisfy strict compliance requirements.
  • The Only GraphQL native system ensuring optimal performance and developer experience (API Explorer/API and Schema Flexibility, type-safety of frontends) - leading to faster feature delivery, application speed and best SEO.
  • To host customer content in any region of the world.


Alpha Solutions take on Hygraph


Content modelling


It's easy and very flexible to build your content models in Hygraph. You can build any relational structure you like. With Hygraph you can build "Many-to-Many" relationships, and also make the data queryable from "both sides" of that relationship. As an example, if you build an Author entity and an Article Entity. You could establish a Many-to-Many relationship to allow for multiple Authors on an article, and obviously Authors can write multiple articles. With a single GraphQL query you can pull out data using both Author and Article as the entry point.


Content aggregation and federation


Hygraph should more be understood as a content federation platform and not "only" as a headless CMS. 

It is pretty elegant the way that while modelling your scheme, you can includes various external sources. For the users of this content, this is all from the same source - Hygraph. This makes is so elegant and easy to work with. And each of these external sources can have their own caching, so you don't loose our of performance for waiting for responses from the these external systems.


Neat! Really Neat!


At Alpha Solutions we can help you evaluate, perform evaluations and POC's so you make your investment on a solid foundation. It this market of hundreds of CMS's and DXPs - it's hard to navigate. Nobody can look into the future, but it's also about choosing a vendor that you expect to exist in the years to come. Not all of the hundreds of headless CMS's will do that.


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Hygraph is the only system that delivers both powerful enterprise-grade content management capabilities, and a plug & play productized API federation layer.