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CEO Steve Tzikakis emphasized accelerated innovation, expanding market presence, and focusing on the partner ecosystem.



“We want to be the undisputed leader in the content-to-commerce market,” Steve Tzikakis boldy stated early in his presentation.

Tzikakis hinted at a new roadmap for extending their leadership in the industry and accelerating innovation, focusing on ease of use, scalability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and security. As Sitecore platforms move increasingly into the cloud, new opportunities emerge for making the technology even easier to configure and maintain, “freeing up your resources so you can focus on your customers.”

New opportunities are also on the horizon for collaboration with partner developers.

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Tzikakis recognized the efforts of partner and community developers, saying that Sitecore would be renewing their commitment to training, certification, and support for partners, enabling them to bring world-class digital experience and commerce solutions to their customers.

Tzikakis also announced two exciting product developments for 2021. First, a new version of Sitecore AI Auto Personalization will not only be available but will come standard with Sitecore Experience Platform 10. This will make the quick, simple personalization offered by Sitecore AI available to customers at no extra charge and without additional installation effort.

Second, Tzikakis announced the release of Content as a Service. CaaS, an extension of Sitecore Content Hub, will offer flexible options for hosting content: part in a managed cloud environment and part in the public cloud, where it can be quickly accessed and used. CaaS will increase content management’s speed, scalability, and ease of use.


  1. Sitecore will focus on accelerated innovation, expanding their market presence, and nurturing their partners to meet the needs of the changing digital economy.
  2. Sitecore AI Automated Personalization will be available as a standard feature in Sitecore XP 10.
  3. Content as a Service will be released in 2021, leveraging the speed, flexibility, scalability, and ease of use of cloud hosting options.