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This policy about the handling of personal information (“Privacy Policy”) describes how Alpha Solutions A/S collects and process information about you.

The personal policy applies to personal information that is submitted and collected through the website of Alpha Solutions, www.alpha-solutions.com. Alpha Solutions is data responsible for your personal information and handles your data respectfully and thoroughly. 

When you use the website, information is automatically collected about which type of browser you are using, which search terms you are using on the website, your IP-address, your network location and information regarding your electronic device. 
You can read more about our cookies in our cookie policy.

The goal is to generate statistics about the use of the website, to optimize the user experience and the functionalities of the website and to execute targeted marketing.

Alpha Solutions do not collect personal data about the users of the website that enables an identification of users as individuals, unless it is described otherwise on the website or in this policy.

If we process personal data about you, this will be done on a legal basis. Information about you is only used if relevant or necessary in the case of you contacting Alpha Solutions. Personal data will not be disclosed to a third party at any time.

Alpha Solutions deletes personal information when there no longer exists a legitimate reason to store them anymore.

Alpha Solutions has completed appropriate, technical and organizational security measures to prevent personal information to be destroyed, lost, changed or deteriorated, or to end up being accessed or misused by unauthorized personnel.

It is only employees with a real need to access your personal information in order to do their jobs that can access these.

There is always a possibility to change, delete or getting handed a copy of your collected information. If you realize that entered information is incorrect or has to be updated, you are encouraged to contact Alpha Solutions.

The same applies if you wish to withdraw your consent.

If you wish to complain about the handling of data on this website, you are always welcome to contact Alpha Solutions or to make a complaint to The Danish Data Protection Agency.

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