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Steve Tzikakis, CEO welcomed the largest audience in attendance which included customers, partners and those new to Sitecore. Over the past year, Sitecore has acquired four companies and added 1000 employees which aligns perfectly with the promises made at last year’s symposium to accelerate innovation, be more customer centric and deepen the relationships with partners.

Steve reinforced Sitecore as being the most complete and most modern platform, running an advanced cloud architecture delivered by the best consultant, advisors, and developers available. Research and development have doubled in size, and as a percentage of revenue is at 22%. The customer success business has tripled in size and is there to provide the level of support that is expected from customers and partners. Sitecore’s customer retention rate is at 95%... one of the highest in the software industry.

In addition to the promises made last year, Sitecore’s recent acquisitions of Boxever, Four51, Moosend and Reflektion, have expanded their portfolio to a solution being called a Composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP). These acquisitions allow for the selection and freedom to evolve and grow your business.

The world is moving from a physical to digital environment and Sitecore wants to focus on helping customers build their brands and win market share. To accomplish these tasks Sitecore plans to transform architectures with SaaS solutions and open APIs. In addition, Sitecore offers flexibility and choice with a modular approach to solutions and plans to continue their focus on innovation to ensure their platform grows seamlessly into the future.

Alpha Solutions has been a partner with Sitecore since 2004 and continues to evolve relationships with customers across the globe. Let us help you with your digital needs and see if Sitecore is the right fit for your business.

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