Case Study - Seagen

The Problem


Seagen, a leader in the biosciences sector, wanted to build a digital infrastructure that reflected the complexity and sophistication of its research and operations. Instead, they were tolerating a web environment riddled with disparate tools, inconsistent standards, and an outdated CMS. 


Like many large organizations, Seagen had multiple sites that were built, managed, and hosted by partner agencies. Their corporate IT team had little to no control over these sites. 

This had become a governance and security nightmare. Additionally, the CMS they were using limited Seagen from supporting their multi-vendor (creative agencies) model. The tech stack was old, and getting support on the CMS was becoming increasingly difficult.

The goal was to have a unified and secure platform compatible with multiple creative agencies.


The Challenge


Our task was to integrate Seagen's diverse web elements into a singular, cohesive framework, ensuring strict governance, robust cybersecurity, and operational agility.


Specifically, problems included: 

  • Too many different ways of doing things

    • Each business unit operated separately 

    • Zero visibility internally

    • Multiple tools, systems, code standards, etc.

  • No clear business requirements 

  • Lack of solution specifications/ tech documentation, etc.


Mission accepted!


The Solution


All of our projects begin with the client’s end goal at the forefront of our minds while we map out our strategic blueprint. Collaborating closely with Seagen’s internal IT team, we identified key integration points and worked together to lay the foundation for an effective solution. 


From the onset of this engagement, we became a key part of Seagen’s team, working hand-in-hand and empowering them to make independent modifications and updates as required.


Drawing on our diverse expertise in digital solutions, we decided to employ the power of Sitecore CMS (a renowned player in content management and e-commerce platforms) for this project. We chose NextJS for application development. 


By separating the front end from the CMS, we are able to roll out changes to one site without impacting others.

We used for testing and validation. This tool helped us compare sites side by side and address issues along the way. This helped us ensure that the sites were migrated properly.

It took just under a year to set up the infrastructure and migrate the country sites and the corporate site. 


This solution was tailored to deliver an outstanding user experience while providing Seagen with powerful backend capabilities. 


In summary, the tools we used included:


  • Sitecore (CMS)

  • Next JS (application development)

  • Azure DevOps, Azure WebApp, Azure Front Door, and many other Azure tools

  • for visual testing 


Our implementation was methodical and thorough, with checkpoints at every stage, leading to a seamless transition to the new system.


The Result


Seagen now boasts improved governance, streamlined processes, and a harmonized digital platform, setting a benchmark for others in the bioscience space.


Key achievements:


  • Enhanced operational efficiency

  • A unified digital platform ensuring brand consistency

  • A seamless, intuitive web experience for users

  • Streamlined internal operations

  • The 3-person IT team can now support all of their brands and other internal teams

  • Site outages have been minimized

  • Content publishing issues have been resolved

  • Multiple sites can be deployed on the same day without impacting each other

  • Site ownership has moved to, giving them full control




Leveraging Alpha Solutions' digital expertise and Seagen's quest for excellence has resulted in a digital platform that stands out in the bioscience sector.


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Seagen is a global biotechnology company that develops and commercializes transformative cancer therapies. They are driven by a singular mission—to make a difference for people impacted by cancer. As an industry leader in antibody–drug conjugate (ADC) technology, Seagen pioneered the science of harnessing antibodies designed to deliver cell-killing agents to cancer cells.