The Problem


Omnicheer, a significant player in the cheer uniform market, faced pressing digital issues…


  • A dated and sluggish website for such a high-energy brand

  • Limited online customization capabilities leading to increased phone orders adding strain to sales reps

  • Lack of a comprehensive platform that would integrate commerce, mesh with their existing ERP, and offer flexible product customization


These challenges impeded online growth and customer experience. Omnicheer's website was perceived as old and very limited.


The primary goal? Flip the customer experience into something dazzling.


The Solution


We proposed the following solution…


  • Implementation of Sitecore for content and commerce management

  • Modernizing the website design from a form-styled layout to a contemporary UI


Challenges & Resolution


We worked alongside the client's developers, but the road to implementation wasn't without its hurdles. Design complexities and backend system limitations posed significant challenges. 


However, thanks to our close collaboration with the client’s internal IT teams and by understanding their core business needs, we simplified the tech stack and its multiple integrations, resulting in a streamlined digital environment.


The Results


  • Enhanced brand reputation and a notable increase in sales since the platform's 2017 launch

  • A modernized website, resulting in reduced phone order volumes as online tools are now used for order placements

  • A user impersonation tool specially designed for sales reps to assist their customers with product customization

  • Year-over-year growth in revenue


Most Profound Impact


Omnicheer's complete website modernization has been a game-changer for their business, underpinning the transformative power of digital innovation.




Omnicheer’s journey with Alpha Solutions highlights the transformative power of strategically chosen (and expertly implemented) digital solutions in raising the bar for customer experiences and streamlining internal operations.


Considering a digital overhaul for your organization? Reach out to Alpha Solutions - where tech challenges become stories of acrobatic tech success! 



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