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Lomax has gone from past to present with Alpha Solutions’ implementation of a modern webshop that focuses on effective and personalized omnichannel commerce.

With over 40.000 business clients on a yearly basis, Lomax is a leading force on the B2B market. Almost every physical store is now phased out and the digital sales, which is supported by chat and phone support from Lomax’ customer consultants, drives more than 80 % of the business’ revenue.


In the end of 2016, Lomax found themselves on an outdated webshop that wasn’t suited to the increased use of touch devices. With an inadequate mobile solution and a limited inspirational content universe they came to Alpha Solutions with the need of a modern makeover.

The focal point was omnichannel and after an extensive walk-through of a new user concept, Alpha Solutions initiated the development of a webshop that needed to function on both an existing and a new ERP system, in close collaboration with Lomax’ own IT department.


Lomax is a total-delivering supplier within products such as office supplies, electronics, office furniture, warehouse equipment, household and refreshments. The company works highly on the basis of a loyalty program with earned bonus points and campaign deals, which is why every customer’s bonus status and point balance need to be precise and correct.

Therefore, Alpha Solutions chose to build the solution on Sitecore CMS, where the platform’s rule engine is used. Making it possible to show messages and special offers to specific buyers, based on the company’s overall status in the loyalty program.

Alpha Solutions has designed the interaction between the rule engine and AI-based business-managed recommendations. If no concrete offers or messages from the loyalty program are available, the recommendations are replaced by RichRelevance (now Algonomy). The technology shows the visitor the most relevant product recommendations based on information about the specific company or buyer and their buying history at Lomax.

As Lomax operates in the B2B market, Alpha Solutions has developed a webshop, where the basket is closely integrated to the ERP system, Microsoft Navision, that controls prizes and orders. The solution is ideal for B2B, as the sales consultant from Lomax can cooperate with the customer in the basket, if the customer asks for help on the chat function or over the phone. It ensures that the customer gets exactly what’s needed, because Lomax can help with the order throughout the whole buying process.

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Lomax is an industry distributor within office supplies, electronics, office furniture, warehouse equipment, household and refreshments. The company is Danish, established in 1962 and is today a top modern e-commerce business. With over 30.000 products on the webshop, they are one of the leading suppliers in the Danish market.

Yearly, over 40.000 industrial clients shops at Lomax, where over 350.000 orders are made. They have a great focus on securing an effective and agile logistic solution, so customers experience day-to-day delivery on most of their products.


Sitecore Search Solution

Lomax wished to manage the day-to-day operation on the webshop, and Alpha Solutions established a kickstarting process for them on the Sitecore platform. Making them capable of maintaining and developing the platform moving forward.


With the new solution, Alpha Solutions has elevated Lomax’ webshop to a higher level that’s now able to contain more content and has optimized its availability across desktop and mobile devices.

By enabling an auto generation of thousands of theme pages with specific product types there has moreover been a significant improvement in SEO and the site’s own search functions. This makes it easier and faster for the customer to shop at Lomax.

Alpha Solutions has created a personalized omnichannel webshop with relevant recommendations, where the system improves the buying experience, so the customer experiences that the shopping lives up to Lomax’ tagline; “It was easy” In Danish “Det var nemt”.


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