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Google Search Appliance is going away fast, not leaving much time to get off the platform and onto a new one. It can be difficult to find the right alternative and seem like a daunting task to switch your search engine. Thousands of companies all over the world are looking for alternatives to replace Google Search Appliance (GSA). Luckily, Alpha Solutions is here to help.



Search has become strategic for organizations and adds value in so many ways. Not having a solid search engine serving up relevant results can lead to frustrated users, loss of sales and lack of engagement. Restructuring a search solution is not a simple task, and should be handled with strategic importance. Most of our customers look at some common, but important, criteria as a comparative view potential search engines. How easily does it integrate? Is it scalable? What are the content processing and indexing capabilities? What about the relevancy tuning capabilities? How do these compare and contrast to GSA?

Enter Sitecore Search Solution, developed by Alpha Solutions. Sitecore Search Solution (SSS) is built on Apache Solr, delivering a high-end flexible search engine. With SSS, you’ll get the benefits of Solr with easier management for business users. Marketers can define synonyms, set prioritization, search redirection/promotion and have boosting control for better relevancy – all without the dependency of a development team. In addition, SSS will provide search statistics. Imagine if hundreds of users have a tendency to mistype one of your product names – with SSS, you can learn the mistypings and redirect the user to the correct product. With SSS statistics, you can learn more about the search behavior of your users (what and how they’re searching) and be able to provide relevant content leading to increased customer engagement.


For starters, SSS comes with a tight integration to Sitecore that makes it extremely easy to set up, configure and get up and running quickly. So, if you’re already on the Sitecore CMS platform, SSS is the perfect choice as your GSA alternative.

SSS offers similar capabilities and features as GSA. It is an advanced, dynamic search engine which provides a number of out-of-the-box functionalities to help visitors find highly relevant products or content fast and easily. Likewise, it helps companies to merchandize products or content in alignment with their sales strategy and with little administrative efforts. Built on Apache Solr, it can be added to a core Sitecore installation in just days.

Sitecore Search Solution is an add-on search module to your existing Sitecore license that is operated from the content tree in Sitecore, and positively affects your on-site search dramatically. Helping visitors find what they need is key in turning them into customers, and cases have shown 3-4 times higher conversion rate on products found through the search bar than through navigation.


Sitecore Search Solution not only helps your visitors and turns them into customers, it also gives you the power over the search bar and all its settings.

Since fast, accurate and controlled search is the key criteria, we decided to make use of one of the most popular open source search and analytics engines and further enhance the usability, making it easy for business users to control – rather than depend on development or IT teams. With SSS, you can have full control of your data and search relevance, which will give your users a richer search experience. You’ll have the flexibility and agility to apply your business rules without having any delays that could impact your business goals.

Building on an open-source based search solution will guarantee you a continuous improvement of your platform. You won’t be waiting for the one-size-fits-all black box to update their algorithm in order to have a new feature. You can add any new signal or data, such as feedback from user behavior. You can provide personalized user experience by integrating feedback from user behavior.

We have built Sitecore Search Solution into new and existing solutions, or simply sold the license to a long list of companies. Learn more about why our clients have selected Sitecore Search Solution (SSS) as their search solution and why it’s the perfect alternative to replace Google Search Appliance.

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Sitecore Search Solution is an exclusive technology developed by Alpha Solutions and is the result of several years of pragmatic experience with more than 50 customers in different countries. It is a component-based module developed on Solr, a mature open source platform and the de-facto standard for search on Sitecore.

You can implement the technology on an already existing solution, or you can use it for a new solution that will save you precious time in the long run.

The technology integrates easily with the most widely used backend systems through our Content Integration Framework. The Framework offers more than 80 integration elements from SQL connectors to databases, to web crawlers for websites, and can handle integrations with many content sources.



  • Easy installation in a matter of hours or days, depending on the size of your installation
  • All the benefits of Apache Solr, with an intuitive and easy-to-use configuration module
  • Better display of your products/information through Facetted Search
  • Helping tools for visitors like Type-Ahead, Did-You-Mean, Auto Correction etc.
  • Analytics of your Search Bar, plus the ability to automatically optimize the settings based on results
  • Possibility to align your business strategy with your webshop within minutes
  • No more waiting for IT – everyone can manage the configuration module
  • Live feed display of product/item related information like “In stock”, “Order cost”, “Delivery time” etc.
  • Integration with social media

Klaus Petersen


Global CTO